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Sadbhaawna Rehab Centre is a unique world which symbolizes the right faith, intentions, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and meditation; here in Sadbhaawna Rehab Centre we mix and match different types of personalities and mould them to become productive members of the society. Sadbhaawna Rehab Centre has a single objective which is to restore our members from a suffering addict, to a drug free healthy life and make him capable of becoming a productive and socially acceptable member of the society. We have no bias to caste, creed, community or social class. Vocational and educational activities occur in group sessions and we provide work, communication, and interpersonal skills training. Sadbhaawna Rehab Centre is the fastest growing and smartly emerging centre in Delhi NCR with highly trained professionals and supportive staff for a long term change in persons behavior.


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  • Personally tailored treatment according to each individual's personality.
  • Best in-class facilities; spacious yet affordable.
  • Professionally trained staff that is supportive and friendly.
  • Treatment Program includes yoga, meditation, emotional counselling, medical care, group and individual therapy
  • Highest success rate of long term recovery and sobriety

Meet our Treatments

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction or Alcoholism is a generally spread sickness which affects ordinary existence of a person. Alcoholism can develop in a person because of numerous components including hereditary qualities, social environment and emotional trauma.


Drug addiction, although less common than alcoholism, it is far more harmful and deadly. It has a bad impact on the drug addict and everyone around the addict. This disease can develop develop due to many factors like social circle, friends and emotional stress.


Addicts must undergo a detoxification process (detox) before they embark on a treatment plan. Detox is the process of getting the alcohol or other drugs out of the addicted person's system with the help of a mix of special medicines and healthy diet.


Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that is either a white crystalline powder or an off-white chunky substance. It is snorted, smoked and injected into the bloodstream. With many side effects, leading to death, this must be treated early.


A person who has both addiction and a mental/psychiatric issue such as; Anxiety, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disoder, ADHD and Depression is said to have a "dual condition". To recuperate completely extra care and treatment is required.